Industrial Safety Services

You need a professional who understands radiation hazards, prevention and control – we’ve got you covered.

At Tricord, we pair our industry-honed skillset with proven, certified knowledge to control radiation while protecting workers and the public from the invisible dangers of ionizing radiation. Our applied health physicists draw upon their technical knowledge and tested experience to advise and guide our clients regarding methods and equipment for use in radiation work, designing facilities and new radiation-control programs.

Tricord, Inc. - Nuclear Plant
Tricord, Inc. - Section Separator

We provide a wide-range of industrial services, including:

  • Data Collection
    • We use in-situ and ex-situ data collection methodologies to ensure accurate data measurement and analyses of levels of radioactivity. We’ll ensure your data is accurate so you can operate efficiently, enabling you to make educated decisions to increase the profitability of your team.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Our certified professionals provide you with the ability to assess the environmental impact of released radionuclides using leading environmental transport models. We prioritize safety, so if the results are unsafe for the client or the environment we design mitigation measures to help avoid these costly and dangerous effects.


  • Decontamination and Decommissioning
    • Our team of health physicists has over 60 years of experience in decontaminating and decommissioning compromised facilities and structures in environmental, military, medical, government and industrial sectors. We pride ourselves on our footprint reduction services and we have the portfolio to prove it.


  • Development and Deployment of Radiation Surveys, Pathway Analyses and Laboratory Analyses
    • We’ll monitor your working area for increased and potentially hazardous levels of radiation as well as estimate human exposure rates.


  • Instrument Calibration
    • Ensure regulatory compliance by receiving regular instrument calibrations from Tricord, a licensed calibration facility. We calibrate instruments using methods compliant with ANSI N323A, ISO 17025, ANSI N42.17A, DOEG 441.1-7, ANSI N42.17C and as recommended by the instrument manufacturer.
Tricord, Inc. - Nuclear Plant

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RSB Logistic has always found Tricord to be very knowledgeable and prompt in completion of our projects.

Ronda Darnell

Ronda Darnell

RSB Logistic

I have used Tricord for a variety of services for over 10 years. They have consistently provided top quality analytical results and calibration services with concentrated focus on customer needs. I have also relied on their many years of industrial experience and various resources to resolve complex regulatory issues. I would not hesitate to use them on any project or recommend them to my colleagues in the industry.



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